Tuesday, June 2, 2015


REPULSING THE MONKEY had a house reading on May 31 and those in attendance showed lots of love for the quirky little play and its' excellent cast. Michael Eichler's play centers on a brother and sister who inherit a bar in a working class neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Two couples, one from LA and one from New York are looking to reestablish themselves in Pittsburgh. The bar is put up for sale and the out of town couples compete to purchase it. Under Kevin Six's direction, the audiance reported praise for the diologue, the characters, the plot twist and the music. The play is based on the real situation of 20- somethings with money moving to Rust Belt cities and changing the neighborhoods. Hats off to Steve Smith, Tiffany Tang, Josh Jones, Maelyn Gandola, Ben Shaffer, and Jewell Karinen for portraying Pittsburghers, Southern Californians, and New Yorkers so brilliantly. You know, they really are different.

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